always asuka (xstellarx) wrote in haafu,
always asuka


hi everyone! i'm new, and i just wanted to introduce myself. i'm 21, a college student, about to graduate (well, in May) and begin my career in japan!:)

also, i have a question: is there anyone here who, in spite of having asian ancestry, doesn't really look identifiably asian to most people? Have you found that this makes it hard to be accepted by other Asian-Americans? What about when you are actually in Asia?

I'd be very interested to hear everyone else's experiences. Interestingly, nobody in Japan ever seems to really comment on my presence when i am with japanese relatives, as I don't look that unusual for japan (ie, I don't really look japanese, but I do have dark hair and eyes and am quite small) but when I was dating a boy who is 100% white (and also 6' tall with blond hair), people would point at us and whisper "gaijin!"

also, anyone else happen to live (alas) in ohio?
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