give a shit or leave (worriesmeanlies) wrote in haafu,
give a shit or leave

I've got a plan, dammit...

There's been a bit of a backlash to the growing ridiculousness and stupidity of the hapas forums. Too much chit chat, too many insignificant "hapa" sightings, too much discussion about the semantics and not enough about the content. Since the outright failure of the Haafu forums is evident, I propose we chalk this forum up to be the new Hapa forums. I'm not going to lie, there will be a certain amount of exclusivity, that is to say, if someone posts something stupid, I'll eventually scrap it, given that others share the same opinion. Likewise, if there's somebody here who annoys the shit out of me and everyone else, they will be banned. I'm asking for interesting discussions, not chit chat about how cool hapas are. There's nothing wrong with the latter, I just don't need more clutter on my friends page. I've got a lot to figure out about this form of ethnic identity and hearing someone talk about keanu reeves makes me want to be either/or..

So let's get down to business.

My bro and I have been at this for weeks, but I want to hear some input about the concept of the Pan-Asianic idea as a basis for the concept of "Half/part Asian" I.E. Hapa. Do you think this de-legitimitizes the classification of Hapa, in that the pan-asianic movement combined with a mixture of "other" (for lack of a better word) blood breeds not only a distinct set of cultures with historic traditions, but multiple cultures in constant flux?

And before you start throwing in Pan-African movement as a counterargument, let me throw in that Pan-Africanism in America (South and North) is bred partially from the slave trade as an act of separating multiple African cultures from their roots, and hence stunting their communication with culture. There's more to it, but those of you who've studied African studies can see the inherent differences in Pan-Asianic and Pan-African, and likewise the similarities (i.e. "White Bread" perspective"), which may be pertinent to the topic.

Look forward to seeing what ya have to say.

Your moderator - Joe
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